Business and Personal Coaching


Workshop is a meeting at which all stakeholders engage in
intensive discussion to develop a course of action for a specific
subject or project.

In the workshop, MIND CONNECT plays 2 key roles:

  • As a trainer to provide the necessary skills for the intensive
  • As a facilitator to elicit ideas, challenge the status quo and
    lead the stakeholders towards a course of action by the end
    of the meeting.

Workshop topics are usually customized for the clients’ needs.
The below topics are only samples of the workshops conducted
in the past:

  • Budget Workshop – how to identify sources of growth and
    develop practical plans to achieve set objectives.
  • Business Unusual – brainstorm breakthrough ideas and develop
    plans to overcome a significant business challenge.
  • Strategic Marketing Plan – how to develop a blueprint for a
    new brand to be launched within the fiscal year.


Coaching is a collaborative communication with stakeholders.
During the sessions, verbal and non-verbal communication
techniques are applied to gain their buy-in and cooperation to
make improvement for themselves. The final outcome is to
help them empower themselves to improve.

Coaching is available for the following:

  • Group coaching – sessions that involve 3 to 5 persons who are
    facing the same challenges and the objectives are to increase
    their buy-in and their motivation so that the group can achieve
  • One-to-one coaching – customized sessions to help an
    individual address his/her perspective, emotions and limiting
    decisions to attain desirable behavior or mindset.